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MLP Custom: YODA (no, really!)

He was made from a G1 first-tooth baby, which was very baity, and found in a second hand store by my sister Sarah. I don't even know the name of it, but it used to be yellow with purple hair. (I think.) Anyway, I cut her tooth off, because I didn't need it. :P Then I dehaired/scalped her, of course.

Yoda's ears were made from sculpy clay; once they were baked, set, and cooled, I painted him green, then stuck his tail in and glued his head back on. The tail is hair from a previously-used pony, which has been mussed up and cut at various lengths and angles. (Yeah, I could have done a clay tail for Yoda, but I decided against it. Just because. :P lol.) His eyes are the same color of green as his skin, then wrinkles/shadows are painted in a slightly darker green. His nails are "parchment" beige, I beleve. Then his symbol is a (crappy) lightsabre, with some glitter because I don't have glow-in-the-dark paint. ^_^;;

Yeah, I know he should have some scraggly hair around his ears... but when I tried doing it, I nearly ruined the whole pony, so once I fixed it, I decided not to chance it again. I think he's good enough without it anyway. ^^; But that's just me...

Happy Father's Day, Dad! =^-^=

EDIT: Also, a little robe may be forthcoming, if I can make it and have it look half decent. :)
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