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Robin ( Tim Drake ) Pony 1 [25 Jan 2014|10:50pm]

Little Robin (Tim Drake) Pony Plushy 1 Collapse )
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Ghosty Update [10 Jan 2014|07:38pm]

Mane: Glow in the Dark Sculpy
Hat, Rose, Shackles: Black, red and silver sculpy
Chain: simple metal alloy chain
Eyes: Acrylic sealed with clear polish
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Suggestion help? How should I style her hair? [21 Oct 2013|10:03pm]

She is a chained up ghost any suggestions would be great. 
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My recent customs [02 Sep 2013|06:07pm]

Completed pics and WIPSCollapse )
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Intro from a customizing newb [23 Apr 2013|06:19pm]

I'm currently working on my first MLP custom--she's been fully repainted, and her hair is in transit!

I've found a ton of info, but I do have a few quick questions:

1. How well does acrylic "stay?" Do I absolutely have to use a sealant, or will it be ok without it?

2. Do G4 ponies generally require the same amount of hair as their older cousins, or will it be less because they're smaller?

3. Is it possible for there to be cigarette-stink that just will not come out of a pony no matter what? Because I got a cheap fakie lot off eBay, and when it arrived, it smelled like the inside of an ashtray! I can barely breathe around the poor things, and am desperately hoping baking soda will work.
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Stargate Sg1 Ponies [17 Jan 2013|01:56pm]

Teal'c Pony, Jack O'Neil pony and Daniel Jackson Pony. I'm going to work on Sam Carter next.

Sg1 Ponies: Teal'c, Jack, and DanielCollapse )

Lyra Heartstrings [02 Jan 2013|01:41am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

purpleredhairlyra 017
Read more...Collapse )

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Fetlocks [24 Nov 2012|08:05pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Updateddreamref copy

k, so I am working on making my OC into a custom (standard brushable G4 size) and I am not sure how to put fetlocks on that would look good. I have super sculpy but I can't find any tutorials on how to sculpt them. Any recommendations? Or should I exclude them from the body since it is such a small figurine? 

Also, what about sculpting a male muzzle? For another one of my customs, not this one since Dream is a Mare (albeit a big one) 

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Ruby the vampire [04 Sep 2012|03:33pm]

This is Ruby. I made her for witharubycrown, of an original RP muse. She's a vampire, and a member of Blade's Deacon Frost's House, so she has his glyph on her hoof. My first corset pony, I really enjoyed making her. I can't remember exactly what colours she was rehaired with, but there's two different shades of blond, starlight, caramel and some red hair in the mix.


More after the cutCollapse )

A couple of custom ponies [17 Jun 2012|12:46pm]

I have a few customs to share :D

Follow me, Zoidpony!Collapse )
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Peacock pony custom [15 Jun 2012|03:06pm]

A peacock pony custom. Her mane has been rehaired with individual strands from Peacock tail feathers. There's at least 3 strands, all put in individually, in each plug hole. She took three full size feathers to rehair in total, and I don't even know how many hours....

When the light hits her the feathers glitter in green and gold.

She's for sale, £30 plus postage.


I don't need you to ruffle the feathers of my Peacock SuitCollapse )
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[08 Jun 2012|11:57am]


This is an old Pinkie Pie I accidentally ruined that I macerated and didn't know what to do with for the longest time. Deerling is one of my favorite Pokemon, and a friend showed me a similar custom on etsy, so I decided to try it myself. :) Came out pretty good, with the exception of my acrylics goop awful and I accidentally touched the clear-coat before it was done and got the orange from the fingers onto the cream of the legs. I could have kicked myself. e_e

Anyway, enjoy!

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Asking for a custom of either [08 Jun 2012|10:52am]

I was wondering if anyone could make a custome of either a Shadowbolt or Silverspoon. I can try to accomodate the price asked. Reply here or send me a private message if interested, thank you.

Candy Mane [22 Apr 2012|10:10pm]

So here is my first commissioned G4 pony. She is Lace Secret also known as "Candy Mane" by fans.
I have to say that hair was pretty difficult.
PicturesCollapse )
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Paradise [12 Apr 2012|07:37pm]

I hope restorations are allowed in here too. This was a side project of mine where I restored a bait pony I had back to her original splendor.

PicturesCollapse )
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Priming a pony for painting [05 Apr 2012|09:26pm]

I know several people use nail polish remover or Goo-gone to clear off the shiny layer on mlp toys to make them more receiving to paint and I was wanting to know what you all use. Oh I paint with acrylics so that you know. What do you recommend?
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Pencil Hooves custom [15 Mar 2012|10:34pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Sorry for the double post, but I thought this deserved it's own entry.

I finished my first custom pony! I'm really with how it came out too. =D (click the picture for bigger version of photo)

I sculpted the mane and tail with super sculpey, cured it by boiling, and airbrushed the body with some old createx airbrush paints I had lying around (and I got to use my airbrush, which I haven't been able to do in ages). The mane/tail, eyes, and cutie mark are painted with just regular acrylics (Folk Art and Liquitex, basically whatever I had around).

I'm hoping to be able to keep having time to make custom ponies. I have a bunch of pony characters I'd like to make with the smaller toys (this is a fashion/styling pony) since these one's are bigger, take more material, and are generally more expensive.

Photos courtesy of my phone. 

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First G4 custom - sculpted fashion pony [12 Mar 2012|05:26pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Original PostCollapse )

Thank you for all the help! If you're interested in what I'm up to now, I've posted a few pictures after the cut.

Pictures of what I've done =DCollapse )

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My first customs! [27 Feb 2012|09:30pm]

Hi everypony! I'd like to share my first MLP customs and they are up for auction is anyone is interested.

Custom painted Applejack as seen in My Little Pony, Friendship is magic. Re-painted her cutie mark, her eyes and freckles. Tail and hair re-painted as well.Hat is sculpted from polymer clay. She's approx. 2 inches tall.

Custom painted My Little Pony. She's been completely repainted using gold and silver metallic paint. Her cutie mark design is a leaf. She's approx. 2 inches tall. I call her SilverLeaf. :)

Custom painted My Little Pony. She's been completely repainted, pink and green with a leaf design to her hair and tail. Her cutie mark design is a rose. She's approx. 2 inches tall. I call her Rosebud. :)

Fire Dancer [23 Feb 2012|07:25am]

This pony has been a side project that I've been playing with between other pieces. I'm so very proud of how she turned out. All her flames have been completely flocked! I really love the texture it's given them. She's been rehaired with Electric Banana, Sunset and a mystery red that came in a packet saying "Midnight Black", which it clearly isn't! :lol: Each colour is a different length to give the fire effect.

She's for sale - £35 with free postage anywhere in the world.


Lots of photos! Because she loves the camera! XDCollapse )
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