Intro from a customizing newb

I'm currently working on my first MLP custom--she's been fully repainted, and her hair is in transit!

I've found a ton of info, but I do have a few quick questions:

1. How well does acrylic "stay?" Do I absolutely have to use a sealant, or will it be ok without it?

2. Do G4 ponies generally require the same amount of hair as their older cousins, or will it be less because they're smaller?

3. Is it possible for there to be cigarette-stink that just will not come out of a pony no matter what? Because I got a cheap fakie lot off eBay, and when it arrived, it smelled like the inside of an ashtray! I can barely breathe around the poor things, and am desperately hoping baking soda will work.


Updateddreamref copy

k, so I am working on making my OC into a custom (standard brushable G4 size) and I am not sure how to put fetlocks on that would look good. I have super sculpy but I can't find any tutorials on how to sculpt them. Any recommendations? Or should I exclude them from the body since it is such a small figurine? 

Also, what about sculpting a male muzzle? For another one of my customs, not this one since Dream is a Mare (albeit a big one) 
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fox and hedgehog

Ruby the vampire

This is Ruby. I made her for witharubycrown, of an original RP muse. She's a vampire, and a member of Blade's Deacon Frost's House, so she has his glyph on her hoof. My first corset pony, I really enjoyed making her. I can't remember exactly what colours she was rehaired with, but there's two different shades of blond, starlight, caramel and some red hair in the mix.


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